Lessons in Watercolor

View beginner, intermediate, and advanced painting lessons below. The lessons usually span over several detailed posts. Reference photos and drawings are available for $5 per lesson. Contact me for details. Watercolor “how-to” workbooks are also available in my shop. I love to get feedback, so feel free to share your comments, share with Facebook friends, and stay in touch!

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Beginner Lessons

The photo and drawing references for many lessons are available for $5.00. Contact me for details.

How to Paint a Pine Tree

A quick little lesson with photos showing how to create a pine tree in watercolor. No references are needed for this simple and fun lesson.

How to Paint a Rose in Watercolor

This is a short lesson that is simple and produces a very pretty end painting.

Water Droplets in Watercolor

This is a short demonstration with explanation of how to create water droplets on a flower in watercolor.

Paint Foliage on a Tree in Watercolor

This is a short lesson on painting trees in watercolor. No references available for this simple lesson.

Red Geranium Part 1

To see the complete lesson, look at the posts which follow this installment. Send email to watercolorgirl777@gmail.com, if you would like to purchase the references.

River Scene in Watercolor Lesson

Follow along in this first of several posts as we work on a river scene together. References for this lesson are available.

Boat on River Lesson

Several posts take you step by step through this little lesson of painting a boat on the river in watercolor. References are available for this lesson.

Palm Tree on Indian River/How to Transfer a Drawing to Watercolor Paper

This is a quick lesson, in a couple of posts, that covers painting a palm tree, water, and one way to transfer a drawing to watercolor paper. References are available.

How to Paint a Sunflower in Watercolor

This is a wonderful first project for beginners. Watch the Flat Wash and Graded Wash videos above before you begin! Reference images available.

Lemons Lesson 

Beginning level lesson of a small still life in watercolor is covered in several posts. References available.

Intermediate Lessons

Bird of Paradise

Part 1 – This is a description of how I created this painting. This lesson is not yet available in pdf format.

Sunlit Coconuts

Fun lesson in painting colorful coconuts in watercolor. Several posts provide detailed instructions. Enjoy!

Still Life with Cherries Lesson

Paint along with me and create a beautiful still life with shining cherries. References available.

Flamingo Lesson

In this lesson I cover some basic composition and building a detailed painting in glazes with watercolor. The lesson is spread over several posts. References available.

Parrot Study

Through several posts I cover how to paint one or two parrots (your choice) in watercolor.


This is a great study of a building archway with a few flowers. In this lesson I go over a little color theory also as we paint the shadows first. The lesson spans over several posts and the references are available.

Advanced Lessons

Hibiscus in Watercolor Lesson

Fun lesson on a large sheet of watercolor paper. I take you through every step of the process in this piece over several posts. References are available.

Cactus Flower Lesson

Follow along as I take you through the steps of developing this painting. References available.

Scooter and Riley – Dogs Lesson

Scooter and Riley are two adorable dogs who are the models for this lesson. This lesson is contained in several posts and the references are available.

Demonstration of Layering Watercolor on Canvas

No references available for this one, but you can follow the posts and see how I prepare the canvas, create my layered, wet watercolors on canvas, and then seal the canvas to protect it.

More lessons to come…Let me know if there is some watercolor method in particular you would like to see and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

What some of my students are saying…

This drawing workshop is great for beginners! It helped me to get the basics down, shapes and values.
BS, Melbourne

This class shows basics, but went into depth on using the more technical methods to achieve success with my drawing.
PS, Melbourne

This watercolor class really helped me to learn a lot and it wasn’t too overwhelming.
JC, Melbourne

This was the best, most thorough art instruction I have ever had! The class was fabulous – loved Debbie’s positive attitude and encouragement. Loved that I was NEVER bored!
AC, Melbourne

I would recommend this class because Debbie is a great teacher. She loves what she does. The class is easy to understand and follow along.
MR, West Melbourne

Debbie has great demonstrations. She is thorough, informative, and very patient. I really enjoyed this workshop!
LR, Melbourne